An Online Charity: Make donate to Iranian Thalassemic and hemophilic patients with Hepatitis C virus


1) This method is designed only for Iranian people which are living outside of Iran. 
2) The website owner (Dr. SM Miri) accept all responsibilities related to this charity action. 

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Patients with congenital blood diseases like thalassemia and hemophilia disease, have an elevated rate of hepatitis C, often due to transfusions received before routine HCV blood screening was available. Adding Hepatitis C to these chronic patients make their treatment much more complex. Because of geomedical location of Iran, we have highest amount of hemophilia and thalassemia in our country. Despite lots of Iranian people lived abroad and due to political problems for transferring money to Iranian popular and independent health organizations, until now we don’t have any charity foundation or institution which can make connection between inside and outside of Iran. On one hand, we have lots of people outside of Iran who want to help their countrymen and on the other hand, they cannot transfer even their small amount of donations to Iranian health groups which are completely independent from political affairs.


This charity is a small, independent, non-government, non-profit and community benefit organization. We are just in the beginning of our way and include a small group of Iranian Doctors. We are going to send Iranian helps and donations to some Iranian health institutes which are involved in treatment of Iranian chronic patients. Nowadays, Prof. Alavian and his colleagues are treating at least 25% of patients in Iran in "Tehran Hepatitis Center" and some other main Hepatitis clinics in different cities of Iran. For instance, you can see some of these activities at this link pecially for Zahedan at this link.

Your donations will be spent for patients referred to “Iran Hepatitis Network” for screening, follow up and treatment of their diseases.

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You can ask your questions:
1) By email (Dr. Miri: drmiri *at* or Prof. Alavian: alavian *at* ) 
2) Contact form on this link
3) Directly by phone: (Dr. Miri: +31657344482, Prof. Alavian: +98 21 88945186-8)

***How can we donate from anywhere?
Your donations will be collected by: Dr. S.M. Miri ( and will be sent to Iran Hepatitis Network ( through Prof. Seyed-Moayed Alavian.
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1) Online donation via Credit cards and PayPal:

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2) Bank Transfer:

* If you are inside of Iran, please kindly contact to Prof. Alavian and request for the Bank Account.
* If you are outside of Iran, please kindly contact me (Dr. SM Miri) and request for the Bank Account.


***List of people shared in the charity:

Here you can find the helps and humanities from people who have contributed with this charity.