How can we copy a site from cpanel webhosting into your localhost

  1. Go to PhPMyAdmin in your cPanel (
  2. Choose your database and make an Export (just with default configuration) and save the file into your computer.
  3. Copy all your files in your master folder from your hosting into your computer.
  4. Create a joomla website in your localhost and call it X1
  5. Run wizard of Joomla and completely maje a website in your localhost. For this case, as you know , you should make a database in your localhost which can be called Y
  6. Paste all files from your site into X1 folder. (Except configuration.php, you should keep this file and instead of pasting configuration.php from, it is better to use the X1 configuration file)
  7. Go to PhpMyAdmin in your localhost and choose the Y.
  8. choose all data and Drop them from your localhost.
  9. Then, import your previous file into Y in your localhost.
  10. That's all.