How can we make a copy from a Joomla website


I want to make a clean copy of my Joomla website.

For instance, I want to create a copy of A which can be called B.



The simplest way is:

  1. Add a domain into your host using Add-on domains (e.g.
  2. Upload the latest zip version of Joomla. Go to your hosting cPanel and extract it.
  3. Go to cPanel > MySQL Databases > Create a database (e.g BB). Create an account (username: BB+password: BBBB).
  4. Within your browser run : and follow the wizard for installing your Joomla website to the end.
  5. Go to your cPanel file manager inside of the folder B. Select all files except (configuration.php) and (htaccess.txt) and delete all of them.
  6. Then go to A folder and copy all files except (configuration.php) and paste it into B.
  7. Go to cPanel > PhpMyAdmin. Then choose BB and Drop all tables in database. After this step you should able to see only name of database with 0 table.
  8. Within PhPMyAdmin choose A database and export all of database into an sql file and save it in your computer.
  9. Then go to BB and Import this A.sql file into your BB database.
  10. Now, if you go to, you should see B website with all databases and files from A.

Note: Always keep 2 files in your folder: (configuration.php) and (htaccess.txt) since these are related to configuration.